Innovative karaoke, trivia, & DJ bingo entertainment

– Own a bar or restaurant? We can help you turn a slower time into a packed house with innovative entertainment that’ll get everyone excited to spend time at your business.

– Hosting a private event? We’ll add an electrifying element to your entertainment that’ll help your guests create unforgettable memories with competition, music, and fun.

DJ Trivia

Entertaining crowds at business & events

The first of its kind in the area, our trivia games are perfect for bars, restaurants and private events looking to add an engaging activity that brings people together for a little competition and a lot of fun. Attract regulars, bring some action to a slow night, or bring another great form of entertainment to your party.

DJ Bingo

Host great music & a great game

Entertain in more ways than one at your bar, restaurant, or private event with our musical bingo. Patrons and guests will love hearing clips of fantastic songs as they do their best to name that tune and win the game! Our DJs have the perfect playlists and hosting abilities to bring the energy to your establishment or event.

Smooth, modern karaoke

Get ready for a smooth karaoke experience like you’ve never seen before – choose from over 45k song titles on your phone or a provided iPad and then get ready to have a great time!

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